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Smaller Learning Communities: A Collegiate Teams Approach

Success during the middle school years sets the stage for all future academic success. Academic pursuits must be rigorous and relevant to a student’s emerging interests to guarantee success. In addition, students must be adequately prepared for their courses, hence, credit recovery is an important component to this preparation. All CSUSA middle grades students do not advance to the next level of a core course until they have demonstrated mastery in the first level of the course. A credit recovery program will be housed at Emma Donnan to further guarantee success!

With a brand-new, fully-developed Agricultural Science program at Emmerich Manual HS, Emma Donnan students will also have the opportunity to now participate in high school-level courses while still in middle school! Students will be able to earn high school credit through Introduction to Agriculture and Fundamentals of Agriculture. These courses will provide opportunities for leadership development through critical thinking and team building skills. Students will have opportunities for experiential learning while learning how to preserve valuable resources and protect our environment.

Parent involvement in the middle grade years is crucial and CSUSA provides many opportunities for families to gain understanding of the complexities of the middle school student.  Our Parent Universities held on Saturdays throughout the year, provide valuable information on such relevant topics as parenting your pre-teen and teenager, coping with peer pressure, Internet safety and bullying concerns and changing graduation requirements.  Parents can pick and choose the sessions that are most relevant to their needs.  Experts from local universities and agencies specializing in middle school students along with CSUSA staff bring valuable topics and information for our parents. Parents also receive copies of all presentations and these are also posted on the school websites.


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