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HJ’s Fall Extravaganza in Review:

On Saturday October 27th we hosted our annual HJ Fall Extravaganza. Committed to continue a legacy our late Guidance Counselor, Heather Johnson was inspired by.

Each year we give coats to community member in need this year we were able to give out over 200 coats, as well as several pairs of hats and gloves. Completely free for our guest.

Young children were able to dress up in costumes and participate and several fun, free crafts and activities. These activities include; pumpkin painting, and creating slime. 

Patrons of the event were also able to participate in our fundraiser, our Haunted Hallway. For $2 they got to walk through Emma Donnan’s secret room , equipped with ghosts and goblins. People enjoyed the scare so much, that several people went through more than once.

The other fundraiser was our annual raffle. The raffle prizes included an iPad and hp laptop donated by the
“Day Family,” Heather Johnson ‘s parents. Also donated was a Scentsy warmer gift set from teacher Ms. Townsend, and Emma Donnan swag pack donated from Mrs. Douglas, also a Roku donated by Mr. Smith, a blue tooth speaker and art set from the school. 

Lastly, it was time to enjoy trunk-or-treat. Staff decorated vehicles lined the school , and young children and their parents were able to get free candy, and a jump start on candy collection before Halloween!
We are so glad we have amazing families, and hope to see you all again next year! 

Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to our winners! The proceeds from the raffle and Haunted Hallway will be used for the snack pack initiative to provide food to all students at Emma Donnan and Emmerich Manual.

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